Patrick Gaincko

Patrick Gaincko

Founder, GainXperience

Patrick Gaincko is the founder of GainXperience, a committed business builder, and an avid researcher in emerging markets and developing countries.

GainXperience is a consulting firm specialized in tracking and analysing consumer trends across Africa. Leveraging field research and in-depth knowledge of how to do business in Africa, Patrick built a solid client portfolio consisting of global and African brands across industries, from food and drinks to retail and transport; published and presented ‘The African Consumer Trends Report’ at select industry events, and mentored dozens of entrepreneurs.

In parallel, Patrick is a co-founder of Womentrepreneurs, a company that connects investors, technical experts, mentors, and entrepreneur networks, with female entrepreneurs making a social impact.

Since 2017, the company’s investor partners support and equip women owned/run enterprises that solve problems in energy, tech, retail, transport, health, education, and agriculture; create jobs, and act as catalysts for change in Africa.

Also, Patrick is an Entrepreneurship Advisor at the African Leadership University’s School of Business. In this role, he strengthens the MBA programme and helps entrepreneurs and corporate executives from across the world turn their business ideas into a real and viable company or product.

Additionally, as an internationally recognized project manager, Patrick designs and produces platforms focusing on investment and complex issues. He has recently organized ‘The Solar Future France’ and has worked on ‘Unlocking Solar Capital: Africa’; two global platforms for investors and developers in renewable energy. Additionally, he has worked on platforms for investors in the transport and in the publishing industries.

Prior to the above, Patrick has held managerial and directorial roles in Barcelona Spain, Brussels Belgium, London UK, Paris France, and Rotterdam Netherlands.

Patrick launched his first business at the age of 14, has travelled in 58 countries for work, and speaks 6 languages.