The Congolese Diaspora Impact Summit mission is to identify practical steps the Congolese diaspora can take to maximize its capital, human and financial, and make an impact in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The summit will bring together professionals of Congolese descent, as well as individuals interested in the DRC, to network and learn from leaders who are making an impact in the country in their respective fields.

Defining Impact 

  • Working collaboratively to facilitate brain gain and increased development in the DRC
  • Contributing to the improvement in education and healthcare delivery
  • Identifying resources to support entrepreneurship and increase diaspora investment in the DRC


  • Extensive networking among the Congolese diaspora and individuals interested in the DRC
  • Identifying opportunities for further engagement and practical steps to make a future impact in the DRC through a post-conference white paper and follow-up discussions among Congolese diaspora organizations